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MC, DJ, Manager, CEO, Consultant, Actor, Writer, Distributor

  Born Terrance Williams aka Easy Tee was born in New York City in 1964. Raised in Harlem NY by His Father and for the first 5 years with his mother being his musical inspiration, not that she was a singer by any means was an avid lover of music.  When she left at around the age of 5 all she left was her “45’s of the Motown Era, the where his love of Music began.  Traveling back and forth between relatives in the Bronx during the 1970’s amidst the gang presence, dope dealing ect, his mother was living in the newest building in the Bronx at that time, River Park Tower which is directly across the street of the birthplace of Hip Hop, DJ Kool Hercs Building.  During the summer of 73 while outside riding his Bicycle would hear the boom of the speakers and see the crowds gathered around Sedgwick and Cedar Park not knowing was happening but drawn to it anyway. Now bouncing between his home in Harlem and visiting the Bronx on weekends, Hip Hop was making real noise with the emergence of Hip Hop.  For most people there love of the culture began with first hearing Sugar Hills “Rappers Delight” but for Easy, was far beyond that. “

  In 1977/78 with the emergence of HIP HOP as a culture sprang up neighborhood crews, Ours was the Mighty Gestapo Crew with the Phunky Phase 4 Emcees.  All friends of childhood DJ Kenny B, Chris Chris, The Rock Count D, Speedy Speed, Prince Whipper Whip and MC Dota Rock were Easy’s immediate mentors in Hip Hop.  Hanging around, carrying records, whatever it took to learn is what was done.  In 1979-80 while attending Cardinal Hayes HS, Easy linked with his Partner Mighty J.O.S. and the two decided to form a crew of their own.  J.O.S was Easy’s first DJ and also rhyme partner and the introduction to a young DJ named Wayne Gee who also attended the same High School and the rest was history the Original LA Dream Team was born.  Easy feeling we needed more Emcees, trying to pattern ourselves after Fantastic 5 in which Whip and Dot became members, found a few more EMCEE’s now we were a crew.  Within the crew we had 2 groups of emcees, The Dynamite 3 which included Easy’s cousins Lil Vee & Lil Dee and The F Troop, which LL Cool J mentioned in his first battle track.

  In 1997 Easy moved away from NY and still returned whenever possible living up and down the east coast, in 2003 Easy met a Young man by the name of Mark Carey CEO of Street Legal Entertainment though a phone call about putting an event together and bringing talent to New York, little did he know that that one call would change everything.  Within 10 minutes of Hanging up Mark was at Easy’s Door with a suitcase full of music from His Friends and artists PX aka Parts Unknown.  From that day on they became friends, business partners and most of all FAMILY til this day.  Easy dropped his own label and became a partner in Street Legal Entertainment Inc. 2005 also led to a brief stint on HBO’s The Wire.

  Currently 2017, Easy is Manager to some of the hottest talent he has ever worked with, Panama Redd, The Real K-Solo, UniqMe, Da Surgeons, Kevie Kev Rockwell and the Fantastic 5, Canibus also working with some of the newest up and coming labels as well. FNBG Fear Nothing But God Records, JoJo Pellegrino and Pellevision, DJ C, Australia No#1 Old School Dj, Producer and Dj James 90 (Da Beast Squad), Dj Jazzy Emoto and The Rock Count D with whom both have a 40 yr friendship (Da Beast Squad), Baltimore’s Fam Highs (Da Beast Squad), sitting on the Board of T-Ski Valley’s Label Grand Groove Unlimited Records Inc, with Boogie Black & Octavia Lambertis, and the Hottest DJ On the Planet, DJ Mell Starr all the while doing Radio and Record Distribution.


DJ/Co-executive/co-founder/radio personality

Terrance Barksdale a.k.a Ltee was born in  Baltimore, MD 1970. Raised by a single mom along with his sister in the projects of Cherry Hill. My mom’s love music playing in the house and we would dance to the sounds of some of the greatest groups of the 70’s and 80’s. Growing up Terrance how to modern dance in elementary school and performed on stage. Listening to the radio was one of Terrance’s moments to dream of becoming an artist. In middle early 80’s Ltee learned to pop and break-dance. He also learned of new music from different genre and started imagining being on a bigger stage.

In the early 90’s his love of music is widespread since he was a child, He knew where he wanted to be and where he needed to be. When Terrance first heard and saw the hip hop culture, he decided he wanted to be a part of it but didn’t know where to start. Early 2000’s Terrance started watching the local and up incoming artist in Baltimore where he started hosting talent showcases and events.

Around 2004 he joined Street Legal Ent.  and partnered with CEO Mark Carey and became A&R for the company. Terrance was given the opportunity in 2005 to host the first ever DMC ( deejay mixing competition) in Baltimore, MD which became one of the biggest DMC events on a local level. In 2014 Street Legal Radio was created and  The Underground show was born with host Ltee, Stan Stunna, and Morgan Baby. The Underground show where we spotlighted and interviewed local and unsigned artist showcasing new music and so much more.

Currently, along with Easy Tee, we have both founded Da Beast Squad with varies artist, DJ’s producers, and engineers from around the globe.

Street Legal Radio


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